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The ultimate Inspiry guide to Designers Guild.


Aubriet wallpaper by Designers Guild

The door to your new interior design world…Designers Guild is world renowned for top-quality furnishings, wallcoverings, and homewares. Design-extraordinaire Tricia Guild has garnered a prestigious reputation for beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, and homewares across the globe with her innovative design with on-trend style. Designers Guild is perfect for those who are wanting to add personality and flair to their interiors which can be easy as a click into the Inspiry website.



The Jardin Des Plantes collection is a selection of exquisite designs printed on soft linens, sleek cottons, and smooth velvets. It brings an exotic elegance to the home with a unique array of interesting colourways and painterly patterns that creates natural, homely flair for the home. Issoria is a design of captivating butterfly mosaics to add a rich worldly sense to your interior space. Full of intricate detailings and available is six different shades, it’s a fantastic way to bring your walls to life. Keep the nature theme going with the stand-out floral design– Aubriet. A stunning rendering of painterly flower bunches against a textured splatter-look background. Pair this wallcovering with its complementary partner, Corneille – which is a plain reminiscent of a distressed Tuscan villa wall. To get this look on a smaller scale, try incorporating a Designers Guild cushion or two. A great match would be the Issoria Zinc cushion with pearlescent tones and luxurious velvet.

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Veronese is a 16th century Venetian inspired collection with a perfect mix of modern contemporary style and Italian classicism. Gorgeous grand scale flowers, pretty painted textures, and an array of soft neutral tones will create an elegant, serene backdrop to your home. The Peonia Grande design is an ethereal hand-painted floral with a contemporary feel. It is ideal as a statement fabric that draws the eye and adds an expressive touch to your overall look. Pair this with a linen-based complimentary stripe design like Brera Gessato for that Italian villa vibe. The perfect addition to this look, would be the Carrara Fiore cushion with stunning painterly floral details that looks like it has been stolen from the wall of an art museum. The end result should be a chic and relaxing vibe with a unique artistic undertone.


The wallpaper sister of Veronese is Foscari Fresco - a versatile and captivating collection by Designers Guild. It embodies the glamour of 16th century style, mixed with contemporary influences. It features marbled designs such as Carrara Grande, realistic florals like Peonia Grande, and Venetian inspired geometrics including Dorsoduro to create a sublime ensemble of mesmerizing details and decorative designs. Go grand with the Peonia Grande Zinc rug, in a statement-making circular shape to add drama and intensity to your soft, contemporary space. Tourangelle Scene 1 & 2 are romantic grand-scale floral designs that can be laid out as a feature wall or panel for the ultimate interior landscape.

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