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Digging into the wild side of floral furnishings.


Above: 1. "Indian Sunflower" by Designers Guild, 2. "Manipur" Cushion by Designers Guild, 3. "Delray Noir" Rug by Designers Guild, 4. "Boston - Basket Console" by Parnell + Co, 5. "Esterno Ceramic Stool" by Harper Home.

For those wanting to switch up their floral obsession
with something that’s more fun, and fresh, the
Wildflowers trend is seemingly blooming everywhere.
Fashion designers are favoring the untamed florals
over ones that are more traditional, brides are snatching
their wild bouquets by the bunches, and interior designers alike
all agree on the enthralling nature of the “just-picked-from-the-garden” look.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 12
"Indian Sunflower"  from the Zardozi Collection by Designers Guild.


The fondness for looser, whimsical arrangements has
been around for years now, but now, thanks to
social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest,
the fondness has now turned to preference.
The fanciful floral fad is making an immense
impact in the field of interior design
- with wild nature-inspired designs
popping up everywhere like dandelions.

PDG1068 01 636680189008245456
"Indian Sunflower"  from the Zardozi Collection by Designers Guild.


Rich, fruity shades layered over muted botanicals,
makes the quintessential wildflower look so desirable
- paired with a dark, dimensional background to elevate
the peculiar silhouettes and vibrant hues. For a contemporary
dynamic, marry the wildflower elements with simple,
understated pieces. Don’t be afraid to introduce more
modern components to balance out the countryside impressions.
Two-toned pieces and darker tones will help to make the bright florals pop.

CCDG0814 636680191186025634
"Manipur" Cushion by Designers Guild.


Don’t forget to finish the look off with a warm
complimentary-coloured throw, or soft, velvet cushion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 7
Designers Guild Cushions.


This design trend is vibrant and versatile, with exuberant hues
and sensuous tones. The ethereal influence of wildflowers in the
interior, weighed with a heavier, more sophisticated undertone,
sets the perfect mood for a warm and welcoming living space

…that’s a bit on the wild side.

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