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Smooth over! How to make room for velvets this winter season.


Above: "Monet" in Heather.

In the world of interior design, velvet has always been
synonymous with affluence and luxury.

Velvet has quickly become the fabric to eclipse all seasons.
sofas and cushions, to curtains and wallpapers
– velvet knows no limitations, and it’s making appearances in
hotels, bars, restaurants and homes all over the world, all year long.



Soft to touch and stunning to behold, velvets are versatile and durable.
As the popularity of velvet has increased, so has the variety of finishes, with crushed,
matte, and satin velvets proving the most favorable. The range of colours available in
the velvet market ranges from rich jewel tones, to muted pastels and every colour in
between, making excuses to skip out on the lustrous material invalid. Here are some
ways to incorporate this plush fabric into your interior space…

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 4
A selection of cushions by Designers Guild.


Just roll with it -  Flocked wallpaper is one of the oldest types of wallpaper
around and was originally invented to imitate the cut velvet hangings in
the early 17th Century.
In today’s wallcovering market, there is a huge
selection of unique
motifs and patterns to choose from. The dimensional
qualities and textures help to reinforce an indulgent vibe to your walls.



The fabricated truth -  Both traditional and modern, velvet has built a
name for itself as the perfect
complimentary plain. However, with
the recent resurgence of
velvets, designers are finding innovative
ways to switch up the classic fabric.
Digital printed designs, funky
, and an ever-expanding assortment of colours
creates an array of opulent options for everyone.



The right head space - A velvet-upholstered headboard can be the
perfect finishing touch to the
bedroom. Through the versatile
nature of the textile, velvet acts a great addition to your interior
design, and compliments most design styles.



Throw it in their face - With its heat-insulating properties, a velvet
is the perfect way to accessorize and keep warm this season.
Bold brights and vivid hues are perfect choices of colour for those
looking to add a pop of personality to their décor.


Pillow talk - A simple cushion or two can be enough to add a touch
of elegance and drama to your interior space. The combination of
rich colour paired with its smooth texture is a match made in heaven
and works well when combined with
metallic or brass accessories.



Cut a rug - For a big plush impact, try introducing a modern rug with
a velvety lustre
. Don’t be afraid to jazz up your space by choosing an
interesting colour to give off a contemporary feel.

A selection of cushions by Designers Guild.


Velvet is the kind of material that exudes lushness. Depending on where
you use it and the colours you choose, it can add varying degrees of dimension.

The key is balancing the style with different textures and accents to create a
harmonious look that meets all your lavish needs.



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