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Uncovering the core of Cuban style, and why designers everywhere are coming down with a case of tropic fever.


Above: 1. "Shield" by Arte, 2. "Orchids Fantasia Cushion" by Christian Lacroix, 3. "Pineapple Chandelier" by French Country, 4. "Spira Rose Rug" by Carlucci, 5. "Rocko Bowl" by Harper Home, 6. "Adobi Round Vase Ceramic" by Harper Home, 7. "Annika Ottoman" by Parnell + Co, 8. "Parrot & Palm Cushion" by John Derian.

In Havana; Where the bustling boulevards are brimming with
Colonial character, and the landscapes are interlaced with
tropical treasures. Folks from around the world are falling
in love with the serene scenes, fresh flavors, and eclectic expressions
that shape the sublime essence of Cuban style. The interior design world
and everyday homeowners everywhere have begun recreating the
old-world charm and quirky tropical vibes that Cuba is famous for.

The Caribbean Island has seen its fair share or eras and revolutions;
all of which are reflected in the country’s diverse architecture. Colonial
archways, crumbling churches, and vibrant hues embody most of the
Cuban cityscapes. Outside of the cities, the Cuban citizens find solace in
the preserved tropical nature of the island. The lush greenery of the
Viñuales Valley, the turquoise waters of Cape San Antonio,and the
glowing magenta sunsets on the narrow Hicacos Peninsula,
all contribute to the cultured colour palette of Cuba.

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"Parrot & Palm" in azure by John Derian.

The design community has channeled the jazzy zest of Cuban style
through its use of natural-look materials, vivid pigments, and timeless
geometric graphics – all put together with the same care-free, relaxed
attitude of the island locals.  Cuban style has been making a mark in both
interior showrooms and fashion shows alike. The most notable example
being Karl Largerfeld’s Caribbean inspired Cruise collection 2016/2017 for
Chanel, which was infamously held at night in a brightly
lit, decaying Colonial boulevard in Havana.

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"Parrot Aviary" in sky blue by John Derian

Those who wish to bring the sought-after aspects of Cuban style to their home
should be looking to incorporate  distressed vintage-style pieces from the 1930’s
to the 1950’s. Antique-like statements such as a lavish crystal chandelier or a bold
statement mirror echo the years of history felt through the Republic’s heritage.
Woven wicker and looping rattan furniture can meet the expectations of the strictest
of minimalists while also pleasing those who simply wish to create a more casual,
modest feel in their interior space. Soft patterned rugs, smooth wooden furnishings,
and weathered, painted textures will create an effortless, rustic dynamic.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11
"Sheild" - 31550 from the Avalon Collection by Arte

Establishing a paradise in your living space can be as easy as including
a few tropical bird motifs and designs as well as large tropical plants,
like indoor palm trees. Bringing it all together by pairing an array of
bright and muted colours to create a contemporary, eye-catching
look is what Cuban style is all about. Some of the most renowned
hues of Cuban style include flamingo pinks, aquamarines, cobalt blues,
retro reds, faded greens and a touch of sunshine yellow.

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"Parrot & Palm" cushion by John Derian

The Havana home is vivacious, humble, and bursting
with character and heritage. The combination of
Scandi-style staples like wicker furniture and leafy
indoor plants will maintain a timeless look for your interior,
while the saturation of bold colours will ensure that
your interior look will always be a unique stand-out for years to come.

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