New Home

The brief for this 780 sq metre new home was a total fit-out using the clients existing furniture and accent pieces. Ornaments collected over a lifetime provided the inspiration for the colour schemes and new cabinetry was designed to display everything in its best light. The scheme is anchored by a soft plush oyster shade carpet, and tiles chosen for their subtle checkerboard effect. Adding luxury to this stately new home, most of the fabrics are from Rubelli, Venice. Iron curtain rails were designed by Robyn, featured over 200 brass rosettes, and custom made locally. OWNER’S COMMENTS: Robyn's input with the interior decor of the house proved pivotal in creating its warm, welcoming ambience. Her ability to work collegiately with an informed client, was to be one of the pleasures in the successful completion of this significant project. John Morrissey

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