Coastal Garden

My brief was to come up with an original design. The mini court yards are a wonderful way to stop and pause to enjoy the garden, or simply make your way through. There is also a great little edible garden with culinary herbs and seasonable vegetables, which is easy to live with, but more importantly, it%u2019s very beautiful to look at. The garden may not only be appreciated from ground level, it can also be appreciated from the first level or the living level of the house. For the very first time in the history of the property, you can access a lower bunker or lower storage area of the property. Because it%u2019s near the sea we all liked the idea of Kentia Palms that move in the breeze and as time passes, they will create a litigator or a foil from the large house next door. All the materials reflect the architecture and the style of the house.

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