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Kitchen Renovation

We recently had our Kitchen renovated by Aaron & Tai of Right On building. As you can see our little humble house has been a work in progress. We purchased the home in 2010 and it was good old bones (ex villa from Oriental Parade re piled in the 90s here in Brooklyn and kind of left unloved) I saw it and I knew this little lady needed TLC. But we also knew it was going to be a long process. I sourced some great old dressmakers steel framed benches. I loved them and knew if we did a reno later I wanted those to be the bones. We got it to a stage where it was livable but we needed the pros to take it to a loving heart of the home. We saved and waited. It is indeed a wonderful space now. A mix of old and new, function and design with lovely details. No one wants to leave it. It’s a pleasure to walk into in the morning and so amazing to cook in in the evening. Give these guys a call if you want something special or even something small. They are really great to work with.

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