New Contemporary Home

This contemporary South Island rural home was built using industrial build methods exposing the concrete beams and making a feature of the rough sewn wooden ceiling planks reminiscent of European country house ceilings. The interior balances contemporary and antique furniture, and its unique light is achieved by the choice of highly reflective finishes that contrasts with warmer tones of wood and leather. The palette ranges from cream through to dark walnut, with striking matt black window frames, kitchen benches, shutters and granite tiles. ARCHITECT’S COMMENTS: This project was a close collaboration between architect and interior designer. Elements of the raw concrete were taken inside, and Robyn has built up a neutral colour scheme around them. The result seems simple and effortless, but can only be achieved by an experienced eye. Robyn’s skill in balancing light and dark, textures and reflective surfaces, combined with her extensive knowledge of European antique furniture, has resulted in a serene, warm and highly liveable interior. David McKay

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